Thursday, October 6, 2011

On Becoming a Better Photographer - PART 2

For most of what you do what’s most important? First, the majority of DSLRs and many point & shoot cameras are more than adequate from a technical perspective. An 8-megapixel DSLR is a good starting point. More pixels do not always equate to better quality! In fact, the output from a “clean” 8 megapixel sensor will always be better than the output from a poor quality, noisy 16-megapixel sensor, all things being equal. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for higher resolution. Relatively affordable options are available these days at up to the mid-twenty-megapixel range and soon higher. The Canon 5d MkII is an excellent example. The Nikon and Sony full-frame ranges are as well. But remember, in this territory, lens resolution is  the limiting factor - not sensor resolution. The sensors in most high-end DSLRs already exceed the resolution and sharpness capabilities of most of their lenses!

On the other hand, I wouldn’t rely on the quality of a Holga, Diana or iPhone camera for most images unless their particular quality attributes meet your aesthetic or creative goals. They’re certainly not sufficient for most professional or commercial work. They can, however, produce some magical images, especially when reproduced online or at small sizes. Is the trade off in technical quality an obstacle for you? Only you can tell.

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