Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eco-Expression: Art for Sustainability - Northeastern University

We were honored to print approximately fifty prints for this two-year traveling exhibition of original international art with an environmental theme. From the Website of the exhibition (with thanks to Kalman Gacs, Curator):

These artworks have been chosen to represent a variety of approaches to thinking about our relationship to the environment and its preservation. Bill McKibben, founder of an international environmentalist movement called, wrote an essay entitled “What the warming world needs now is art, sweet art.” As McKibben has acknowledged, visual artists are now approaching environmental issues in a variety of powerful ways.  Some of their works are disturbing, while others are comedic or awe inspiring.  Some work to persuade the audience through reason, while some are wild expressions of passion and exploration, more the stuff of dreams and madness.  Both approaches have resulted in artworks that scream out of their frames.