Saturday, May 23, 2009


A few years ago, I decided to bring a small digital camera along whenever I could do so without too much inconvenience. Those of us involved in professional imaging are typically pretty demanding when it comes to what we produce. However lugging a high resolution DSLR around, plus lenses, isn't usually either convenient or fun.

One of my favorite quotes about photography is "The picture you take with the camera you have is always better than the one you miss with the camera you don't have." With this idea in mind, I decided to create a small, ongoing portfolio of images of less than seven inches in any dimension. Given that I print large images, some 44-inches wide, for a living, the idea of small images has its appeal for a personal project. I will be posting these images from time to time and I hope you enjoy them. As I've said about being green, even the small steps can make a difference.

Here's the first of, hopefully, many "sevens" to come, taken in a town that has become an American icon.

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